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Kaskanampo Lodge History During summer camp of 1945 at Camp Westmoreland, eighteen Scouts and Scouters were selected to become charter members of the new Order of the Arrow lodge in the Tennessee Valley Council. These new candidates were inducted on July 8th, 1945 at Camp Westmoreland by members of Ittawamba Lodge 235 from Jackson, Tennessee. The original charter, dated July 11th, 1945, proclaimed the new lodge's name and lodge number: Kaskanampo 310, chosen after the name of a tribe of Kosati Indians who were native to the area, and translated means "men warriors". The new members chose the mussel shell as the lodge totem, because of the importance of freshwater mussels to the native Americans in this area. The Lodge grew rapidly throughout the council, and in 1949 served as host to the first Regional Fellowship Conference (conclave), held for the lodges in the eastern half of Region 5 at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, Alabama. The lodge attended the second Fellowship Conference in 1950 at Camp Pellissippi near Knoxville, Tennessee, where it was decided that the region would be divided into areas for further conferences. Kaskanampo became a charter member of Area B of Region V (5), along with Wa-Hi-Nasa 111 of Nashville, Sequoyah 184 of Johnson City, Tennessee, and Pellissippi 230 of Knoxville, Tennessee. Area V-B first met annually in 1951, and Kaskanampo Lodge first hosted the annual conclave in 1955 held at the Russell Erskine Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama. During that time, the host lodge was responsible for the conference program, and the host lodge chief generally served as the Area Chief for that conference; thus Kaskanampo's Chief Bill Bowen served as Area Chief. The Lodge continued to grow, and was divided into 3 chapters to facilitate unit elections and service: the CAD Chapter (Cullman, Athens, Decatur), Maja Chapter (Huntsville), and Muscle Shoals (Tri-Cities) Chapter. Lodge meetings were held quarterly at Camp Westmoreland, and to be eligible for Brotherhood, Ordeal members were required to attend at least 3 of the 4 meetings. The Lodge also began having a winter "Roundup", similar to our fall fellowship, as well as an annual winter workday at Camp Westmoreland, performing specific projects for the camp. In 1960, Kaskanampo again served as host lodge to the area Fellowship Conference, and Robert Womack, Kaskanampo Lodge Chief, served as Area Chief. Participants stayed at the Muscle Shoals Hotel in Sheffield, Alabama, and training sessions were held at the First Methodist Church, with ceremonies and the campfire held at Camp Westmoreland. The conference theme was "Tree of Service", and Kaskanampo conducted both the Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies. The Lodge's first newsletter, The Kaskanampo, was first introduced in the late '50's, and was later named Among the Kaskanampo. The name was changed to The Mussel Shell in 1961, and the first edition (October 21, 1961, see below) told news of the new 6 chapter lodge structure: Maja (Huntsville), Arroaco (Athens/Decatur), Muscle Shoals (Tri-Cities), Wischiki (Cullman), Jackson (soon changed to Chiaha - Scottsboro), and the new Cherokee Chapter for Black Arrowmen within the council, which met at Camp Drake, the council's Black Scout Camp. During this time, 5 Ordeals were held throughout the year, 4 at Camp Westmoreland and 1 at Camp Drake. The Kaskanampo Among The Kaskanampo The Mussel Shell Kaskanampo won the attendance award at the both the 1961 and 1962 Area V-B fellowships, by bringing the most members to the conclave both years. At the 1962 conclave campfire, the Lodge presented a pagent depicting the legend of the Order of the Arrow; it was so well received that it was presented at the 1963 and 1965 National OA Conferences. For the 1963 Area V-B conclave, Kaskanampo members made and presented totem shields to each lodge in the area; these shields were used at future conclaves to display coup feathers achieved by winning awards at the conclave. At the 1963 Area V-B conclave at Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee, Kaskanampo won every available award: Attendance, Team Dancing, and Solo Dancing. In December 1963, the Lodge held a service encampment at the new Camp Jackson, and helped create the initial trails and campsite areas. Kaskanampo members were instrumental in helping develop the new wilderness camp into a summer camp facility, which was first used as a summer camp in 1970. Kaskanampo served as host lodge to the 1964 Area V-B conference, held at Redstone Arsenal, and a record 322 were in attendance from the 5 participating lodges. Mr. John Dowe, the Area V-a Adviser, was the keynote speaker, and at the area elections, Kaskanampo's Vice-Chief Morgan Weed was elected Area Chief, and presided over the 1965 Area Conclave in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Decatur, Morgan was a member of Cowikee Lodge, and served as Area V-a Chief in 1962. Kaskanampo's Arroaco Chapter won the Campcraft fair at the conclave with their presentation of Indian Corn (Yuchi) Soup and "hole-less" doughnuts! At the end of the conclave, it was announced that Area V-B would become Area V-D, and a 6th lodge was added to the area, Ittawamba 235 of Jackson, Tennessee. 1965 marked the Lodges' 20th Anniversary, and the lodges' charter members were invited to a banquet at the Second Ordeal marking the occasion. At the 1965 Area V-D conference in Chattanooga, Kaskanampo won the display booth competetion, and placed 2nd in Team Dance. Plans for a Lodge Building were first introduced in early 1965, and the Lodge sold gummed-back address labels to help raise the necessary funds to construct the building. The Maja (Huntsville) Chapter was divided into Caddo and Micco Chapters due to the large number of members. A total of 58 Kaskanampo members, the nation's largest contingent, attended the 1965 NOAC at Indiana University, and most members participated in staff positions ranging from discussion group leaders, to Band/Chorus participants. At this conference, Kaskanampo won the Exhibits "Sweepstakes Award", and placed Honorable Mention in both the Camping Carnival and the Variety Show. At the 1966 Area V-D Conference, Kaskanampo Lodge Chief Terry Stull was elected Area V-D Chief, which marked the first Friday-to-Sunday conclave program. The ground was finally broken for the Lodge Building at Westmoreland, and was subsequently completed in 1967. Also in 1967, the Lodge received the National Award for Excellence for Region Five, as part of the 1967 Onward Arrowman Plan. Kaskanampo members traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to conduct a "Train the Trainer" session for Talidandaganu' Lodge officers, helping them to become a more active lodge. The first annual winter Banquet was held on December 30th, 1967 at the new OA Lodge Building at Camp Westmoreland. In 1968, the lodge inducted a record 406 new members, and each chapter was responsible for conducting its own training session. The Muscle Shoals Chapter was divided into 2 chapters: Minewa Chapter and Yuchi Chapter. 24 Kaskanampo members attended the 1968 Area V-D Conference hosted by Sequoyah Lodge 184 of Johnson City, Tennessee. In 1969, the lodge dance team attended the Southeastern Indian Festival, hosted by Quinipissa Lodge 479 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The bar-b-que pit was completed at the annual spring work day at Westmoreland. Kaskanampo sent a delegation of 33 to the 1969 Area V-D conference at Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee, and 31 members attended the 1969 NOAC, where the lodge displayed a booth highlighting the history of the Native Americans in Alabama. At this NOAC, Kaskanampo Lodge Lay Advisor Mr. Bill Ingersoll received the Distinguished Service Award for his years of service to the lodge and Area. 1970 was a banner year for Kaskanampo, as again the lodge hosted the 1970 Area V-D Conference at Camp Jackson, and Kaskanampo's Kevin Millen served as Area Chief. This event was attended by over 500 Arrowmen, making it one of the largest conclaves to date, and many agreed it was one of the best yet, despite the constant downpours of rain (sound familiar?). The conclave preparations served as a final push in readying Camp Jackson for its first year as a Scout summer camp in 1970. Kaskanampo also celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1970, and at the 3rd annual lodge fellowship banquet on December 28th, a special 25th anniversary lodge flap was available for members who were in attendance. Kaskkanampo Lodge had another big year in 1971, as the lodge was named a "National Standard Lodge" for both 1970 and 1971; Kaskanampo was the only lodge in Region Five (AL, MS, TN, AR, LA) to receive this award two years in succession. Also, at the 1971 NOAC, Kaskanampo was presented with the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award, and was the first lodge in Region Five to achieve this honor, which was presented to only one lodge per region. In 1972, the Arroaco Chapter was divided into Sequoyah Chapter for Athens, and Arapaho Chapter for Decatur. The first Lodge Pow-Wow was held on April 1st at Camp Westmoreland, and dance team competetion was done to choose which team would represent the lodge at the Area conference. 30 Kaskanampo members attended the last Area V-D conference in 1972 at Boxwell Scout Reservation, and placed second in dance competetion. Kaskanampo also received an award for their presentation of "The Vanishing Apatche", a Native American play depicting the Apatche Nation. This program was also performed at the 1972 Area V-E conference at Camp Tuckabatchee, and on several occasions within our council, including the 1972 Baden-Powell Council Jamboree. The Caddo Chapter members who were part of the presentation team had a special patch on a neckerchief which they wore to distinguish themselves as members of this team. As a result of Regional realignment in 1973, Kaskanampo Lodge became a member of the new Southeast Region Section 4-A, meeting for the first time with the other lodges of Alabama at the 1973 SE 4-A conclave at Camp Horne. At the 1976 Section conclave, Kaskanampo's Tim Kimbrell was elected Section Chief to plan and preside over the 1977 SE 4-A Conclave which was hosted by Kaskanampo at Camp Westmoreland, and Kaskanampo's David Allen served as Section Secretary. During the Ordeals that year, the "Elangomat Clan" system was first used, and 58 new members were inducted. The 1977 NOAC at UT - Knoxville was attended by 8 lodge members, the largest contingent from any lodge in Alabama. The first Lodge "Fall Fellowship" was held in 1977 at Camp Jackson, (prior to this the event had been called the Lodge "Pow-wow" and was held at Westmoreland), and 32 members attended the weekend event. In 1978, the lodge changed its flap design for the first time in 20 years, issuing the "Indian and Canoe" design with a FDL to comply with National guidelines. This new flap was first available at the Spring Fellowship at Camp Jackson. Kaskanampo's Chief Tim Hall was elected Section Chief at the 1978 SE 4-A Conclave to preside over the 1979 SE 4-A Conclave held at Camp Tuckabatchee. Kaskanampo again hosted the SE 4-A conclave in 1984 at Camp Jackson, and the lodge did an excellent job of hosting this event despite almost constant rain throughout the weekend. In 1986, the lodge issued a flap with a pink background as a fund-raiser, and over $3000 was raised to purchase a new computer for the Council office. In addition, the last gold FDL "Indian and Canoe" flaps were sold at the annual fall fellowship, and the new "underwater shell" flap was first available at the December Lodge banquet held at Joe Wheeler State Park. During 1987, the lodge participated in the first Council "Beaver Day" at Camp Jackson, helping with several needed projects. 43 Kaskanampo delegates attended the 1987 SE 3 Section conclave at Camp Tuckabatchee, where Kaskanampo's Chief Brennan Smith was elected Section Vice-Chief, and the Lodge placed first in the OA Olympics and OA Jeopardy. Later that year, the Lodge constructed a barbeque pit at Camp Jackson, and completed a landscaping project around the Council office in Huntsville. The 1987 Fall Fellowship returned to Camp Westmoreland for the first time in several years, and the annual winter banquet saw the first lodge "patch auction", which raised over $1,100 placed toward the construction of a new trading post at Camp Jackson. In 1988, the Lodge earned "National Honor Lodge" certification for the first time since 1971, and the "Honor Chapter Award" was introduced, renamed the Myron W. Cole Award in 1989 after this dedicated brother passed away in the fall of 1988; 3 chapters earned it in its first year: Arapaho, Caddo, and Chiaha. Work continued on the new Trading Post and the new Health Lodge at Camp Jackson, which was ready by the summer of 1989. At the 1989 SE 3 Conclave held at Comer, Kaskanampo's Vice-Chief Mike Sutton was elected as Section Chief, and Kaskanampo was awarded "Best Demonstration" for their presentation of Indian Headdress Neckerchief Slide construction, led by Dr. Tom Willis. The Order celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 1990, and 90 Kaskanampo members earned the OA 75th Anniversary Award. 50 Lodge delegates attended the 1991 Section conclave, and Kaskanampo placed 2nd in the volleyball competetion and 3rd place in the ceremony competetion. 1993 brought another Region realignment, and Section SE 3 was renamed Southern Region Section 8, adding Chattahoochie Lodge 204 and Ini-To Lodge 324 to the ranks. SR 8 first met at Camp Alaflo, where the Kaskanampo Ceremony Team placed first in the ceremony competition. At the 1994 SR 8 Conclave, Kaskanampo's dance team placed 2nd, and the ceremony team placed 4th in competition. The ceremony team also achieved "National Merit Status" in competition at the 1994 NOAC, and Lance Putman finished 5th in the Vigil Ceremony competition. Tragically, Camp Jackson's Ranger George Smith was killed in a camp accident in August '94, prompting the Lodge to dedicate the ongoing restoration of the Camp's Administration Building to his memory, naming it the George W. Smith OA Lodge and Training Center. Kaskanampo Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1995, and several commemorative patch issues were available throughout 1994 and 1995. In addition, a 50th Anniversary Participation Award pin was awarded to members who attended at least 4 of the 7 Lodge events during the anniversary year; these were presented at the 1995 Lodge Banquet. The Ceremony Team again proved to be Section SR 8 Champions at the 1995 Conclave, and the OA Jeopardy team finished a close second. The year was filled with preparation and anticipation of the 1996 SR 8 Conclave, hosted by Kaskanampo at Camp Jackson. As in the past, the rains came but did not dampen the spirit of fellowship shared by the 454 participants, and many commented that it was one of the best conclaves ever. The Lodge also had 30 delegates at the 1996 NOAC, and placed 2nd in the basketball competition. Kaskanampo members are proud of the Lodge's heritage of cheerful service to the Tennessee Valley Council, and pledge to continue this tradition as a part of the new consolidated council. Kaskanampo Lodge 310 - Lodge Chief Honor Roll 1945 Clyde Hoatlen 1966 Terry Stull 1986 Brennan Smith 1946 A. J. Coleman 1967 Klaus Heimburg 1987 Brennan Smith 1947 A. J. Coleman 1968 Curtis Youngblood 1988 Brennan Smith 1948 Bob Miller 1969 Manning Mauldin 1989 Dan Seymour 1949 Bob Miller 1970 Kevin Millen 1990 Dan Seymour 1950 Bill Lindsey 1971 David Strickland 1991 Ryan Strong 1951 Charles Nelson, Jr. 1972 Steve Miracle 1992 Chris Hooie 1952 Joe Allen Price 1973 James Vasil 1993 Jason Lindsey 1954 Milton Herrin 1974 Dale Golliver 1994 Jim Krell 1955 Bill Bowen 1975 Tim Kimbrell 1995 Robby Thomas 1956 Jim Marshall 1976 David Allen 1996 Robby Thomas 1957 Jimmy Brown 1977 Tim Hall 1997 Dan Watson 1958 Mike Roberts 1978 Tim Hall 1959 Robert Womack 1979 Chris Whitacre 1960 Robert Womack 1980 William Foxx 1961 Bill Hinshaw 1981 William Foxx 1962 James Stull, Jr. 1982 Jeff Gothard 1963 Jim Hayes 1983 Jeff Gothard 1964 Grigs Christopher 1984 Jeff Gothard 1965 Grigs Christopher 1985 Chris Humphries Founder's Award Recipients - Kaskanampo Lodge 310 1984 Barry Oxley 1991 Chip DeRamus 1994 Lance Putman Jeff Gothard Mr. Dennis Morgan Mr. Hal Swartz 1988 Ray LeCroix 1992 Chris Hooie 1995 Sam Hetrick 1989 Brennan Smith Mr. Walt Whitacre Mr. Tom Hetrick Mr. Don Burt 1993 Jason Lindsey 1996 Robby Thomas 1990 Dan Seymour Mr. George Smith Mr.Richard Willhite Mr. Lynn Hagen
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